We want your next adventure to be a memorable experience, so we will work with you and your family to eliminate the stress with our travel health services. Our pharmacists will recommend vaccines, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications based on your travel itinerary and health history.  

When you meet with our pharmacist we will review the following:

    1. Where are you headed?
      • Based on your destination, we'll provide details on potential health and safety risks (such as food and water safety as well as insect precautions)
    2. Do you know what vaccinations you'll need?
      • Our pharmacist will determine which vaccinations are recommended or required based on your travel itinerary.
    3. What are your planned activities?
      • We'll tailor our consultation based on your medical history (including allergies and immunizations), accommodations, and activities.
    4. What are your current medications?
      • We'll work with your doctor and your insurance company so you have enough of your current prescriptions or obtain any necessary travel prescriptions for your trip. 
    5. Travel packaging
      • An optional service is to have your current maintenance medications packaged so you can make sure you are not going to run out and don't have to bring your entire medicine chest with you. 
    6. Travel Insurance
      •  International medical providers do not accept your U.S. health plan (and in fact, many U.S. plans do not cover foreign care). Air ambulance operators, physicians and hospitals often expect you to pay a large up-front deposits (or even payment in full) before you receive treatment and will even refuse to discharge you if you have not paid your bill. Accidents can happen anywhere and air ambulance evacuation alone can be in excess of $100,000!