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Orthomolecular Products

We carry Orthomolecular Products because they are quality products from start to finish.

Based on Evidence-Based Literature, made from superior raw ingredients, formulated for therapeutic potency. Orthomolecular products are designed to be efficacious and that is what we want for our patients. To learn more about these products visit orthomolecularproducts.com

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Whole Food Supplement

A complex formula that includes plant and animal extracts, desiccates, or other ingredients as required to create the best dietary supplement for each health indication.

Whole Food Ingredients

Whole food supplements may include foods that are prepared in a way that safeguards their nutritional value. Some of these ingredients are grown locally on our certified organic farm, including alfalfa, barley grass, beets, Brussels sprouts, buckwheat, kale, kidney beans, oats, pea vine, and Spanish black radish. This allows us to control the quality of these ingredients from seed to supplement. Individual components may require chopping, dicing, juicing, and/or drying.

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DermaZinc Spray, Shampoo, cream, and soap are OTC products containing Zinc that may improve symptoms of Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, and other chronic skin conditions.

We can also add a topical steroid to DermZinc to make a topical compound for acute flare-ups of eczema or psoriasis. Valid prescription required. For More info..

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Durable Medical Equipment

We offer a wide range of top quality durable medical equipment at affordable prices including walkers, crutches, and more.

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Webster Wax Candles

We carry Webster Wax candles, coffee scrubs, lip balm, and body sprays.

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Silver Forest Jewelry

Our mission at Silver Forest is to create wearable art that is as timeless and unique as you. Natural elements, ancient cultures and a subtle sense of humor influence our designs. Denim friendly and casual, Silver Forest is not a trend, it is a lifestyle— which is why we continue to be a top selling jewelry brand

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American Provenance Personal Care Products

American Provenance specializes in personal care, lifestyle and home products intended for the conscientious consumer. Our customers place importance on products that are wholesome and healthy, pure and effective.


Gift Card Mall

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Greeting Cards

We offer a variety of Leaning Tree Cards and Butterfly Publishing greeting cards for all occasions.

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